Community is important. At the Software Sustainability Institute we build links between those involved in research software.

We are focused on understanding, promoting and helping researchers, research software engineers, research groups, and all those who seek to promote and gain from better software related practices that advance research.

To better serve this community, we run a Fellowship programme, are founders of the Research Software Engineers community, run the annual Collaborations Workshop, a range of other workshops, DISL and other activities.



The Institute's Community theme lead is Shoaib Sufi and the main point of contact is

Fellowship programme

The Fellowship programme supports a wide range of researchers, developers and managers who use, develop or promote software to advance research outcomes. We help them attend conferences and training events, disseminate the latest advances in their area via the Institute's blog and use their insight to develop wider policy objectives.

Collaborations Workshop

The annual Collaborations Workshop brings together researchers, software developers, managers, principle investigators, funders and publishers to explore and better understand the software research landscape.

Other Community activities

We run other workshops and activities which are focused on our community.  Please check out our the news, blog or twitter to track conferences we attended or are jointly attended with our Fellows, other workshops that we are running and other relevant activities. If you think there is something relevant we should know about or plan or attend please feel free to e-mail us at